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Sorry to anybody who has actually been intersted in my account (for reasons i can't begin to suspect). I haven't been on here in a quite a while, I think i just got caught up in other stuff. But now i feel that I need to get back to some of the old stuff like Newgrounds. I really do love this site. And yeah i know this is a boring post, but if u wanted to entertain urselfs u could just go play the millions of games on here.

Sheesh, I haven't been here in forever

The Vice Versa dance (where the girls ask the boys) is in like 2 weeks! i have no idea who to ask and even if i did i would not have enough courage to ask. i really want to go tho because this is like the last dance i can go to at my school beacause they are closing the school at the end of this year and i'm a sophmore so unless a junoir or senoir asks me (tho i only know like 2) i'm not going to high school prom. agh, i've always had this problem with self confidence. so for all you avid followers of my post (because i kno there are SO many of you) i dont really care if u comment or not or if u hav any advice or if u really dont care i just feel its easier to get these words out by writing than telling someone i actually know. (unless there are people on here who know who i am tho i only know of one)

so... watever! bye and dont let the evil zombie hamsters eat all your cheeros!


2010-02-17 16:34:29 by SoulofShadows

yeah i am bored. i CAN NOT stand having a post that is months old front on my page. so i made this useless one.

go kingdom hearts!
go bleach!
go, uh, watever else i think is kool!

bored, like always.

2010-01-10 15:34:38 by SoulofShadows

i haven' been to my account in a while, but. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! and HAPPY WATEVA ELSE U MIGHT CELEBRATE!!!!!

so yeah, now i've been back at school a week from brake, i went back to gym after a quartwe of drivers ed, and as you can see i still can't speel. spell. GAR!!!!!! i have oined anime club at school, actually i was one of its founders, so yeah. i still love bleach, and umm. yeah.

i hope that soon i will be able to get more of my art and stuff onto this computer so that i can post it. my pictures still haven't been put up they need to be scouted or watever it is so if anyone can help on that, thanks.

oh yeah, i found out a new favorite song, its Scars- by Papa Roach.

oh yeah, i now play Adventure Quest Worlds (without my parents knowlege of course! (what? they have MMOs my dad says i can't play them, but its just to much fun!)) and i also play epic duel when my parents arent around becuz it slows down the computer and is harder to hide behind another program. not that you guys care about any of this...

SO BYE THEN! :)!!! >:D mwahahaha


2009-11-19 17:39:02 by SoulofShadows

does anyone actually look at my account? the only thing i've submitted so far are like a few semi good art. i don't care if people do or not i was just bored and kindof curious. so if anyone actually sees this post a comment so i know.

man i really am bored. *virtual hug!*

Hi! Me again. Well, kindof duh its me but yeah. I submitted some new art but they won't show it on the portal 'till some one scouts it or watever that means. There just some Bleach pics I did when I was bored. Please comment!

Weeeeeee!!!!!!! hitsugaya

2009-08-13 19:05:41 by SoulofShadows

I LOVE HITSUGAYA!!!!!!!! if anyone else feels the same scream!

hey now, thats enough. back off he's mine.


2009-08-08 22:22:56 by SoulofShadows

I love Bleach! LUV BLEACH! LUV BLEACH! LUV BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!! espesially Hitsugaya, Hichigo, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Hanatoro, Uryu, Renji, and my sister is OBSESSED with Gin, Kira, Ulquiorra, Hisagi, um... and any other hot guy in Bleach, but mostly the 1st 3 listed, (and i will often be posting my sis's stuff 2...)

My sis luvs GIN!!!!
And I luv Hitsugaya!!!!!!


2009-06-10 21:32:22 by SoulofShadows

k im new here so i dont know much. i like to talk and am always willing to help if i can. i love flash movies, espicially series. but if anyone is feeling lonely and just need to talk then im open. i am also really good with story ideas, i started to right my own story but im stuck so i have time to help others with any ideas like plotline or what a character shoul look like.

wow, thats alot i usually dont wright so much at a time. oh well. make sure to have a good day and listen to the voices in your head. always follow the darker path for u never know what might be waiting there.
even in the brightest light there are always shadows. and everyone you will ever meet will leave a shadow in your soul but the closer you are the larger that hole will be when they are gone.

which means, make friends! and make sure to give them a hug.